BELMONT MUSIC PUBLISHERS - The Works of Arnold Schoenberg

The virtual topography of the places where Schönberg lived and worked, available in the new permanent exhibition, is now also accessible online.

The virtual Schönberg Topography allows users look for whichever items they choose within a freely chosen area and to search for places connected with him. Historical images, films and documents from Schönberg’s estate, as well as present-day photographs highlight his homes and sojourns, pupils, colleagues, contemporaries and his everyday dealings with music copyists and publishers, doctors and businessmen. Apart from the topography optimized for browser use, another version is available for mobile telephones, which permits GPS navigation to the various locations. The Schönberg Topography

Featured Videos:

Wind Quintet, Op. 26 Rondo
A.Schoenberg Quartetto per archi re maggiore
The Home video, taken by Serge Hovey, shows Schönb...
Six little piano pieces op. 19, Michel Beroff
Arnold Schoenberg, Drei Stücke für Kammerorchester...
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